Friday, October 31, 2014

Pope Francis' Advice to Married Couples

Hey, if the Pope who is sworn to celibacy can give expert advise on marriage, then I think I can too.

I've been training half of my life for the day I'm blessed to enter into marriage, just like I would if I desired to be an Olympian. I always knew that I wanted to be married, and I always knew through basic observation, that marriage is no easy task. If I wanted to be a champion Olympic Swimmer, I would probably look towards Michael Phelps. I'd try to find out everything that he does to be as successful as he is. I'd figure how he trains  (reports say he trains six hours per day). If I could, I'd follow his specific regiment. I'd find out what he eats to give his body the energy that it needs to sustain itself.  Phelps eats big. He claims to eat 12,000 calories per day.

The church doesn't always do a great job teaching what it means to be a Christian man and what a Biblical husband looks like, but I'll keep collecting, and eventually applying, all that I can on the subject until the day that I die, because being a man is tough, and being a husband and father is even tougher

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