Monday, October 20, 2014

We fall in love, and then we fall out. We hear phrases like that all of the time, but does love really work that way? I've seen it in my own life, and over and over in the lives of others - the things that we used to find cute, the little idiosyncrasies in our lover that used to endear us now drive us nuts.  We fell in love with this person, we were convinced that we loved every little thing about them, but now,  that uniquely designed person and their uniquely designed traits often leave us annoyed and irritated.

We are each designed differently, and never is it more apparent than in the intrinsic contrasts between men and women. Let's be real, men and women just think completely different. In a relationships, the effects of these difference can become painfully obvious, and yet often, we have obsoletely no idea  which differences are causing the strife, let alone how to  appropriately deal with them.  Love is hard work. It takes patience and understanding. It takes respect and a willingness to own up to mistakes. It takes a desire to adjust and an even deeper desire to sacrifice for the betterment of the one that we love.

We don't fall in and out of love, we just  loose focus on the reasons that we chose to love in the first place. The concept of falling out of love is 100 percent rooted in selfishness, but saying " I fell out of love" rolls of the tongue much easier than saying "I was selfish and decided that because I was no longer having my own needs met in exactly the ways that I wanted, I chose to give up and walk away."

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