Monday, November 3, 2014

Sexual Sin Is False Intimacy

"The Gospel is the strongest message of acceptance you'll find anywhere. The message is that we're so deep in sin that it  takes God reaching out to us to save us, that is acceptance. Jesus [mingled] with sinners...Jesus tells us he came for sinners. God comes to us and offers us everything, and he takes us and accepts us, not because he has transformed does he accepts us, but because we are sinners. And if we respond, then He transforms us. And the question is, why is that not enough? The Christian should have the strongest immunity to false intimacy, because we understand that at the deepest core we do not merit the acceptance of God and yet we have it...[With false intimacy] we're not seeking first the kingdom of God, we're closing off the rest of the world, creating fantasy, manufacturing our own world. God accepts us unconditionally on one hand, but at the same time says 'everything has to change'. Here is the key phrase, it is no longer our will. When we respond to God, it must be His will. The most critical part of transformation is that when it is God's will, it is all His will. "

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